As of today, humanity resides in an Environment where almost each distinguished scientific community informs and warns about the devastating results that the mistaken human practices have on planet Earth.  Therefore, it is essential to emphasize the significance of Ecology and allocate it as the principal of primal focus for every action and intervention in the natural environment from now onwards.

In order to effectively achieve this aim, an extended, world-level collaboration of all involved parties must be accomplished, both on public but also on private level. In order to subvert the current developments, a strong know-how, a powerful self-knowledge and a strong target persistence is required.

Beyond the preceding Principal on which the philosophy of ECOERA Consulting team is based on, the Values that characterize the company’s functions are:

  • Focus on customer’s satisfaction
  • Know-how - Research - Permanent Education  
  • Quality - Consistency
  • Collaboration - Team-spirit

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